Kissing my Sister

Meat and wine in Madrid

My good friend Lauren and I have just returned from a belly-busting tour of Madrid. We celebrated Valentine’s day with our biggest loves in life – cured meats and discovering … Continue reading

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The Rules

I decided (well actually my friends decided) that my 30 dates challenge needs some rules to make it more interesting. Rule 1 – I must go on atleast 30 dates … Continue reading

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Screw you January blues

I love January. It’s not just becuase January is my birthday month (although that does help) but because amongst all the misery and moaning, I think people are a lot … Continue reading

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30 dates before I’m 30

Well it’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post here, so it seems fitting that this first post is all about starting to put the effort in. I’m … Continue reading

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Getting our Game On

It’s Game Season at our local butchers so my mum bought a bag of mixed game meats (venison, rabbit, pheasant and who knows what else) and we got to work … Continue reading

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Avoca – do, Avoca -don’t. Whose avocados are ready?

Avocados have had a moment in our foodie culture longer than quinoa and almost to the same saturation point as Prosecco. In fact there have been reports of a shortage as … Continue reading

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Lemon Drizzle Pancakes. A recipe for the inept baker.

It was my birthday a couple of weeks ago and so I decided to bake myself a cake. Don’t feel sorry for me – I wanted to do it. Baking … Continue reading

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