Kissing my Sister


Currently, there are 12 million bloggers out there, so if you’re reading this, thanks for stopping, (hi mum! hi dad!). I started writing this blog while I was living in New York, as a way of remembering the experiences I had and the people I met. Kissing my Sister is something I heard during a random and memorable conversation I had with a total stranger. As I was browsing the beer aisle in Fairways on 14th Street I picked up a six pack when the guy next to me said ‘why would you choose that, that’s like kissing your sister.’ That beer he explained – a bit like kissing my sister would be, was – ‘pointless and kinda lame’. This guy, a D-shaped, silver-haired man, who smelt like cigars, was exactly what I thought of when I thought of ‘New Yorkers’: brash, funny, and wonderfully, in-your-face. ‘What are you? An actress?’, he asked me in a way that made me feel like I was Blousey Brown in Bugsy Malone.

This blog, probably is like kissing my sister. That’s OK though because I like giving my sister a little kiss now and then. In this blog I write about, America, Americans, boozing, eating, random fitness fads and people I meet who I want to remember.

I am currently on a hiatus from office life and am working as a Teaching Assistant. I live in London now and wish my fringe still looked like the photo below!




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