Kissing my Sister

Being a (bad) vegan

I’ve always known I liked my food but my obsession has reached new levels since moving in with my friend Lauren. A spectacular cook she has an infinite capacity to … Continue reading

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12 Things I’ve learned from Veganuary so far…

After eighteen days (minus a couple of egg noodle dumplings) I’ve discovered that being a vegan is fucking difficult and it makes me miserable. I wish I could say I … Continue reading

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25 Different Ways to Eat Turkey Leftovers

This year there was just the three of us for Christmas as my sister just moved to New Zealand. That didn’t stop my mum however buying a turkey for eight … Continue reading

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Cheeky Nandos

Would you go to Nandos on a first date? I did and I loved it. Let me explain. It’s just like a date but it’s Nandos and it’s cheeky . … Continue reading

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Everyone told me Africa ‘gets under your skin’. The Kalahari got under mine. Psychologically  and literally. I’m still washing sand out of my socks. Before I left for Africa I … Continue reading

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Dumela! Or hello in tswana, one of the languages they speak in Botswana. Khama Rhino Sanctuary, named after their first Prime Minister and leader of the independence movement Seretse Khama, … Continue reading

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‘Welcome home brother’, are the first words the customs guy said to my Dad when we land in Johannesburg. The first few days of our African adventure began in my … Continue reading

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