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Slim Aarons

It’s been a short month and not been on many dates. I’ve been thinking (hello Carrie Bradshaw) that perhaps I lack focus. I’ve been busy at work and busy in life in what seems like an endless cycle of weddings and hen-dos. Not that I’m complaining, I have had a blast at all of them. The ironic thing though about being single at my age is that you spend a huge amount of time on hen-dos and weddings (in my case where I already know everyone) and neither activity is very conducive to meeting new men. However I wouldn’t change the time I’ve spent on hen-dos or friend’s weddings for the world. My favourite thing about watching one of my best friend’s get married was doing the Mr and Mrs game with her hubby to be. Afterwards, I left feeling so confident and happy that he was the right person for her. Their wedding sealed the deal even more and not only because of the outpouring of emotion from him, a former army man who I’ve known for ten years but never seen cry, sobbed throughout the entire ceremony. It was just adorable, and I mean that the least patronising way possible.

At the wedding, I was set up half-heartedly with one of the groomsmen. It was half-hearted as I think it was plain to everyone that we were completely incompatible. At work the guy who asked me out has all of a sudden started seeming better looking and more appealing. That might be because he’s got a tan, or because he’s leaving or because, having said no to a date, I’m now wondering what if? What if I’d just gone for a drink, just to see, what would have happened?

I’ve gone back to Tinder, Bumble and I just got OK Cupid, which so far, seems good. Still I’ve only ever gone on a date from someone I met on Tinder.

Last week I went on a Tinder date with a Spanish guy. Back in Spain he’s a cow farmer. and two years ago he cycled to London from Barcelona, it took him 30 days. He was ‘wild camping’ and sometimes slept on roundabouts. He’s a Deliveroo bikeman now and likes to BMX with his friends in the evenings. He bloody loves his bikes (he’s got six). He lives as a legal squatter with a 40 year old student, and recently bought his own tattoo needle. Amongst his self-penned tattoos he has two penises. One is a ‘cowboy penis’ with hat and boots. Another tattoo is of a diplodocus on his upper thigh. He’s a bit of a character isn’t he? He’s cute, 6’3, sweet and seems fun. I’m not feeling it though. Maybe because I was hungover, I felt self-conscious on the first date, and possibly because I was tired, I felt bored on the second date. He does talk a lot about bikes. I think I lacked the ideas to move the conversation away from biking trips, I just wanted to go home, have something to eat and, when he said he was going home I was a bit relieved having just spent a really long time in the toilet drying my hands and trying to think of something else to say. We had a double kiss goodbye and then I left.

I’ve got some more chats going on now so hopefully by 22nd July I’ll be up to 10 dates. 30 won’t seem so daunting. Hopefully. I’m in an African bush for 6 weeks after that so I’m thinking that I won’t be getting much Tinder action out there, you never know though!?


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