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Tinder Nightmares Part One: A healthy dose of sleaze on holiday

Madrid was riddled with Tinder nightmare after Tinder nightmare …largely, (hopefully), because a few things got lost in translation. My friend and I set up a group date profile, clicking the ‘we’re going out’ option we found ourselves swiping right and left for pairs of guys as opposed to just one. We were fairly indiscriminate about who we swiped right with. Most exhanges went like this;



Some were just plain boring / cheesy

Exhibit A


Yup, that means ‘blow the candle’. I hope you enjoy our hilarious come back. We unmatched them immediately after.

Others were just down right weird. This guy (screengrab of the conversation below) has chosen a swan as his Tinder profile picture, which is also his only photo on Tinder. Needless to say, he was also a creep, sorry John the swan.


We really, really tried to go on a date in Madrid, but it just didn’t happen. On the last night we abandoned Tinder and met some (kind of) nice Italian guys in a salsa club we went to. We had fun, we had some decent conversation and got their numbers. As it was their last night however, we didn’t go on any actual ‘date’. So I didn’t complete my date in another country challenge but not for lack of trying!

Number of dates : 0

Effort put into trying to secure a date: 9.5



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