Kissing my Sister

The Rules


I decided (well actually my friends decided) that my 30 dates challenge needs some rules to make it more interesting.

Rule 1 – I must go on atleast 30 dates by 20th January 2018. This can include multiple dates with the same person

Rule 2 – I must date one man who is very short

Rule 3 – I must date one man who is very tall

Rule 4 – I need to date someone from any country I visit/ or while on holiday

Rule 4 – I need to date men from atleast 13 different nationalities

Rule 5 – I need to go on atleast one completely sober date (yikes)

Rule 6 – I need to go on one ‘fun activity’ date e.g. rock climbing, roller blading…

I’m feeling more nervous about my sucess at this rate. On the other had I’m also more excited to start. I think it will be more fun now it seems more like a game. I’ve realised I’ve not been priortising these dates enough. I currently have no leads on Tinder and it’s nearly 8pm on a Sunday (prime Tinder time) and I can’t bring myself to go on it. I want to watch Silent Witness. Perhaps this is why I’m single?

My issue with being single have also mellowed. I’ve had zero chat from any of the number of messages I sent out. My mojo has waned with boredom. Although I would like a boyfriend,  I am currently researching a big trip to Africa this summer. Much more fun.

Speaking of trips, I’m going to  Madrid next Saturday with  one of my favourite drinking buddies. We’re both single and are there over Valentines day – not on purpose. The aim is to hit up Tinder in Madrid and arrange a salsa dancing date. I will therefore be hitting at least 2 (maybe 3 of my new rules) – a Spanish man (tick) a short man? (quite likely – tick) and a ‘fun activity’ (tick tick tick)


Since writing that last entry my flatmate and I (mostly her) had a swiping session. I’ve now got a few chats going and it hasn’t been quite the drama I thought it would be. I’m planning on lining up a few for the half term break next week. Wish me luck.


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