Kissing my Sister

Screw you January blues


I love January. It’s not just becuase January is my birthday month (although that does help) but because amongst all the misery and moaning, I think people are a lot nicer to themselves in January. It’s freezing, it’s dark and everyone talks about how rubbish the weather is and how skint they are. On the flip side of all that, in January I never feel stressed. There’s no pressure to go out, it’s never ‘busy’, and if you bail on a night out because it’s snowing, or would just rather be watching the Voice on ITV, people are generally more understanding. I love it. The cold, and the ‘January blues’ give you a permanent legitimate excuse to stay in under a blanket. Winner. January is also about starting a fresh, something which is so re-FRESH-ingly postive. It’s a new year and you have a clean slate (but probably no money). Here are some more great things I’ve enjoyed this particulalry lovely January.

Things I’ve enjoyed eating and drinking: haggis bonbons with whisky sauce, this organic red wine, bloody Mary’s and bacon naans from Dishoom (finally!),  avocado soup (yes really) from the Strongroom kitchen pop up, everything at The Grain Store.

Things I’ve enjoyed seeing/doing: Rebels and records at the V&A (listening to headphones which recognise when you’re near a particular screen or part of the exhibitions was something really special, perhaps a sign of museums and galleries to come!), the wigwam on top of the Queen of Hoxton for some hot grog on Burns night, and next week I’m sure I will enjoy Transcending Boundaries at the Pace Gallery, going to the picturehouse cinema in Greenwich (although I didn’t love La La land).

This photo from the Fuck Kale Instagram feed


This bird by Forest Hill train station by a Brazilain street artist


This photo a friend sent me from the summer. Remember when we all sat outside and had sweaty backs-of-knees?



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