Kissing my Sister

30 dates before I’m 30


Well it’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post here, so it seems fitting that this first post is all about starting to put the effort in. I’m sitting here alone at home with the flat to myself all weekend. I am looking forward to an evening, watching what I want (all of Narcos), and considering what to make with my butternut squash lasagne sheets (CBA with making actual lasagna for one). Most of my friends however, will be with their boyfriends or fiancees. For the first time in 29 years, I am one of the only single girls I know and sometimes (only sometimes) it’s started to feel a bit lonely. I need a new friend to play with while all my friends are otherwise engaged. I know I can do all the things I want to do (holidays, restraurants, crazy golf) with friends but, when all of your friends are busy, you either need new friends, or you need to fill your time going on Tinder dates. I’ve decided on the second.

My new years resolution this year, apart from calling my Dad more, going back to the gym, and wrting more on this blog, is to go on thirty dates before I’m thirty (next year). I have always been single. Yup, I’m 29 and have never been kissed (not true). I’ve kissed a lot of boys you should know, but never have I ever had an actual boyfriend. I’m not counting the boyfriend I had in Year 3. He was a rubbish kisser. I’ve ‘been seeing’ people, ‘been texting’ people but never sealed the deal. I think this is a combination of three things. I’ve never been that bothered about having a boyfriend. I like my independance and enjoy my own company. I have also been guilty of being too shy to tell someone I fancy them when I do, which is lame. Mostly I think I’m just bloody lazy. I’m too lazy to go on dates because, I don’t want to spend money on them (yup, skinflint), and I’d rather see a friend after work than someone I don’t know. I’m also scared of not getting enough sleep. I love sleep. Mid-week late nights I like to save for good friends (ahem or friends I’ve just met but also love not stopping drinking wine, like me).

This year I am determined to actuallly make the effort. If I don’t end up with a boyfriend atleast I’ll get some good stories. I don’t want this blog to be dull. For your sake, hopefully they’ll be some shockers before anything good (possibly) happens.

To reach 30 dates before I’m 30 I need to go on roughly two dates a month. That’s not loads, but it’s already nearly the end of the month and I have plans on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday next week. I also need to go to the gym. FFS.

Sod the gym, I’ve got a deadline to meet.


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