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Avoca – do, Avoca -don’t. Whose avocados are ready?

Avo meme

Avocados have had a moment in our foodie culture longer than quinoa and almost to the same saturation point as Prosecco. In fact there have been reports of a shortage as supply outstrips demand. So, if we have to be frugile with our avo-eating we might as well enjoy them at their best. I am on a mission to find the best the high street has to offer.

I find I am continually disappointed by the un-ripeness of avocados who claim to be ‘ready to eat’. The window of ripeness is narrow so I do appreciate it’s difficult. I am always impressed with supermarkets who are able to offer actually ripe avocados on the day I want to eat one. My quest to discover who has the ripest avocados starts with my local supermarkets which are Co-op, Tesco, Waitrose, Sainsbury’s and M&S. Aldi I’ve heard do a decent avo but the nearest Aldi to me is still a bit a bit of a trek on my bike so I’ll leave that for the weekend. Although the avocado phase is supposedly ‘overcado’ thanks to all those #eatclean-ers I’m starting my own avo-come back. I’m reclaiming the avocado and I’m making sure they’re ready.  I’ll probably have some for brunch on toast with eggs or salmon and put it on Insta, and WHADDOVIT.


Tesco, £1.80

Undoubtedly ripe. I can’t comment on the taste as Mum wouldn’t let me buy them (politics innit) but ten out of ten for squish-ability!


Co-op, £2

RIPE! I had to wait a day for one (I also didn’t want to eat two in a day) I probably could have eaten it though it was nearly there. Dissapointing taste. One was pretty much taste-less and quite bruised. This was becuase the little plastic case is not not very effective. Handle with care.

Sainsburys ready to eat

Sainsburys, Ripe & Ready £1.80

Great for now, great anytime. These are tasty, never been let down so far!

Ripen and ready to eat

Waitrose, Perfectly Ripe & Ripen at Home Avocados, £3.60

Good old Waitrose you’d think (not) I had to wait two days for the ‘perfectly ripe’ ones, one was delicous on toast with a bit of lemon and black pepper, my mum had the other which apprently wasn’t good.

M & S also gave good avo game but I didn’t get a picture. It was mashed in to guac and in my face too quick.

The verdict: Sainsbury’s and M & S seem the safest bet but generally my advice is buy the buggars two days before you intend to eat them.

Avo cover


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