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Turkey Day



Thanksgiving or ‘Turkey day’, is one of the highlights of the American calendar. American’s love turkey, and there are more ways to eat it than one could ever imagine (including seventeen varieties just of turkey-ham for example). In the UK, Thanksgiving is little more than a pre-lash to Christmas. For many Americans however, it is a bigger deal than Christmas.

The first Thanksgiving in 1621, saw the pilgrims invite the Native Americans to feast on the surplus of a very successful harvest. Corn, beans and squash served with seafood were the order of the day. Nowadays of course, everyone eats turkey because well American’s always eat turkey.

Thanksgiving (always the last Thursday in November) is a national holiday.  The proceeding Friday is Black Friday, when everyone tramples one another for discount sofas. Of late, people who can’t get back home for Thanksgiving (or don’t want to) have ‘Friendsgiving’. The fantastic feast of ‘Friendsgiving’ has all the delicious, boozy loveliness of the roast dinner, plus mates and warm fuzzy feeling, but minus the family angst and travelling nightmares. What’s more, all present-buying dilemmas are avoided because Thanksgiving is simply all about the food.

The meal is epic – of Christmas day proportions. One month, (almost), until ‘the big day’ ‘friendsgiving’ is not only Christmas dinner tummy-training, but an opportunity to try out variations on the traditional roast. Corn bread or sausage stuffing is incredible, as is pumpkin pie, and deep-fried turkey (honestly). Candied yams however – are despicable. Marshmallows do not belong anywhere near roast meats or gravy, end of. Furthermore, this festive feast, unlike Christmas, is devoid of any pressure to conform to traditions – you can have your potatoes, dauphinoise if you like. You don’t have to have Brussel sprouts either, (unless you want to of course). Thanksgiving/ Friendsgiving, is also, about giving thanks. Sitting around together and talking about what you feel thankful for, whether that’s spending time with friends, finding out you won £3.20 on the Euro Millions, or not having any Brussel sprouts on your plate – does give you a bit of a glow.

So, throw a Turkey day celebration. Hell, stick NBC on, watch some ‘football’, sink some buds and replicate the Macy’s day parade with balloon animals in your living room. If you can’t be bothered to cook, why not try out some of these pubs for a Thanksgiving meal. Or just enjoy these turkey day facts.

Every year the President of the United States pardons at least one turkey, with the words ‘Go in peace, not in pieces’.


According to U.S Agricultural Department, more than 45 million turkeys are killed and eaten on Thanksgiving in America. That’s one sixth of the amount eaten all year round.

The average American eats somewhere between 16-18 pounds of turkey a year.

Californians are the largest consumers of turkey (must be all the personal trainers)

The Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade in New York, on average, lasts for three hours, features over 30 giant balloons, 730 clowns (terrifying), 1500 dancers and cheerleaders, and includes up to 8000 participants.

During the Great Depression years 1939-41, Franklin D. Roosevelt had Thanksgiving brought forward by one week so that the stores would benefit from retail sales. ‘Franksgiving’, as it was known, was called off after Congress insisted on the festivities being restored to the appropriate time.

Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong’s first meal after walking on the moon was roast turkey wrapped in tin foil.

Domesticated turkeys can run up to 20 miles per hour and are severely short sighted.

Female turkeys cannot gobble, only the males can.

turkey on the moon





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