Kissing my Sister

Boerewors: the fattening up process continues with the farmer’s sausage

Since moving home my parents continue in their efforts to feed me as though I am the stomach of myself and my sister combined: like a goose being fattened for the Christmas table. This evening it was a twist on the British classic Bangers & Mash (sausage and potatoes). My parents, both South African born, are fond of red meat. Boerewors, is a sausage popular in South Africa. This curly meat spiral is made of beef, pork and cape malay spices. A quick Wikipedia search tells me that this name is from Boer (farmer) and wors (sausage) – no way! It’s a farmer’s sausage and it is delicious. We had the boeries (boerewors chopped into small sausages plural ‘boeries’), mashed potatoes with mustard and another South African classic, Mrs Balls Chutney. A sweet, pickled chutney traditionally served with curry (usually a bobotie – more on this later).  For any South African Mrs Balls is what ketchup is to Americans and Brown Sauce is to a Northerner – essential to be able to eat anything. My cousin hugged me when I gave her a bottle (she hadn’t had any in over week- nightmare!).

Mrs Balls

If it’s not Mrs Balls it ain’t right

The Boeries' stewing in their juices

The Boeries’ stewing in their juices

A picture of a boerie in it's natural habitat- the braai (South African for barbeque)

A picture of a boerewors in it’s natural habitat- the braai (South African for barbeque)

This post is also the perfect excuse to post my favourite video of some boys and their boeries – “we sipped our beers”

The Braai Master


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