Kissing my Sister

Dancing in the dark with a room full of strangers and not a drop of alcohol in you? This is so much better than Spin Class.


In a similar vein to Morning Gloryville No Lights No Lycra does not involve alcohol or posers. All you need are the cahones to bust some shapes on the dancefloor…

On a Tuesday evening in Greenpoint Brooklyn, by an assuming church, Australian Laura O’Neill, hands out flyers for the event which is going on indoors. A dancefloor, playing ‘daggy’ tunes ie. Backstreet Boys, Michael Jackson some might say classic CHUNES. When the lights go down and music is pumped up everyone starts to dance – and crucially – dance like no-ones watching, because no-body is. The room is in complete darkness save for a small laser in the corner. Some people show up in gym clothes because, it is a proper work out. The charge is only $5 to cover renting the church space and the DJ equipment. NLNL provides you with a dark room to shake it like you don’t care, and a judgement free zone to let your inhibitions go.  Who hasn’t on occasion danced around their bedroom / living room / in front of the mirror on their own? I suspect most people have. There is something a lot freer, and freeing, about dancing when you know that no-one can see you. I haven’t made it to one of these yet, but a friend went and had a blast. No-one talked much she said, she showed up, danced like a crazy person, and then went to bar after. She saw another dancer at the bar who was equally drenched in sweat- they exchanged a knowing nod.

No lights, No Lycra is now a global phenomenon, find your nearest here.


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