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Skint Soup – otherwise know as one week until pay day lunches


I wish I could write about amazing New York restaurants I’ve been to… I’m an intern though and so I can’t. I spend all my money on ‘drunches’, drunk brunches, happy hours and pizza slices. This is the sad fact. Being skint and hungry usually come together. Since I arrived in New York I have done no cooking (I made bread sauce at Christmas). The one thing I do cook though is this. Around about the end of the month when I’m too broke to buy a sandwich this soup gives me sustenance and costs less than $5.

This is my friend Suzanne’s Grandma’s recipe for lentil with rice soup. Grandma Teresa fed nine mouths for over twenty years in a two bedroom apartment in the projects in Brooklyn. Quite a lady. She also kept a broke intern alive for six cold months in the winter of 2015. This is a satisfying, simple and obviously easy on the purse strings.

The soup is delicious as is but also makes a good base for other lentil and rice dishes. I added celery, carrot, rosemary and oregano to mine. For more soup- spiration try these.


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