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Instagram Dreams Come True at City Bakery

I don’t think I’ve ever talked about and looked at anything for so long before I actually had it. For the last three months my friends and I have been dribbling over Instagram pictures of the hot chocolate from the City Bakery.We finally went on Saturday.

We had walked for half hour in -17 degrees cold and with a  wind chill -25 and arrived ready for our dreams to be realized. We had landed in a Lindt advert. Behind a central bar thick hot chocolate was being served from huge copper mixing pots by staff in blue baker boy hats . We all of course had the hot chocolate. It was very sweet and very chocolatey; the marshmallow was actually a respite from the intense chocolatey-ness. We supplemented the incredibly chocolately drink with warm chocolate chip cookies and caramelized french toast.

The hot chocolate will set you back $5. Try and go through February for the annual Hot Chocolate Festival, with a new flavour specialty every day. I am taking everyone here from now until springtime.


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This entry was posted on August 31, 2015 by in Eats, New York, Streets.
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