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The Surprisingly Fun Park Slope, Brooklyn


Mmm where can you go to play Bacce ball in winter? Said no-one ever. I had never even heard of bacce ball until I went to Union Hall in Park Slope. From what I had seen of Park Slope, (mostly mums with strollers and organic food shops advertising mark downs on kale) I wasn’t anticipating much from this bar. I was pleasantly surprised however. The bar looks like the Gryffindor common room; a roaring fireplace flanked by leather armchairs and squishy sofas, bookshelves line the walls broken up with portraits of old gentlemen. The bacce ball lanes are towards the back where it’s first to spot an empty lane who plays. There is a list to put your name down but I would recommend hovering. Similar to platank, bacce is a relaxed slow paced game, easy to play while boozing. Their house special, the boozy iced tea (bourbon, ginger, sourmash) is not quite as strong as the Long Island version but still slips down a little too easily.There is aslo a club downstairs with no admission charge before 9pm if you wanted to make a night of it

We had brunch before across the park at Sotto Voce restaurant. It is one of cheapest boozy brunches around. For $18.95 you can have unlimited mimosas or Bloody Mary’s for the duration of your meal (and longer if your a good tipper). The food is good, the portions generous and the ambience is relaxed and mellow good for a relaxing boozy time with friends. I especially enjoyed the free house pound cake of which there was an unlimited supply.


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