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Heavy Metal Yoga and other weird ways to work out in NYC

Heavy Metal Yoga

When I picture a yoga class I think of candles, white walls, whale music, and maybe some chanting.  I have never thought of heavy metal and yoga, together, in one room. Heavy Metal Yoga in Wycoff Avenue thinks differently. I’m not a heavy metal fan, but I do enjoy a good yoga class, a zero bull-shit vibe and a drink after. The Cobra Club, where classes are held is usually a gig venue but doubles up as a yoga centre and first setting for Heavy Metal Yoga. During the hour long class you stretch, bend and downward-dog to the likes of Black Sabbath. They also encourage you to stay for a drink after. It’s a dingy Brooklyn dive bar but the staff and clientele are so charming (and heavily tatooed) it’s impossible to say no. Yummy mummy’s needn’t worry with as the schedule includes kids, baby and toddler classes. Phew! Each class follows a relaxed approach to yoga practise, they don’t use the sanskript terms (they’ll call it a cobra not a chata-ranga). No one there will be telling you to ‘clear your mind’ and ‘let go either’. Instructor, Saskia Thode, a bendy German with ‘no sense of humour’ apparently, leads an excellent Vinyasa flow sequence which will leave you having worked up a sweat. The only difference with Saskia’s class however, is that you will asked to growl instead of breath deeply–and instead of saluting the sun you will be saluting satan. Bend, breath, and hail Satan. You’re also encouraged to growl as loudly and frequently as you like it and if you do stick around for a drink after, you’ll likely be asked to play some pool too. I won’t be back, but I’m so glad I’ve been. I’ll never think of yoga the same again.

Follow their Facebook group for details on the classes, mats are available and drop-ins cost $12.

I’ve decided to see what other weird ways there are to work out in the city and will make it my mission to do so. I wonder if anything will be weirder than hailing satan while you downward dog?


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