Kissing my Sister

Number 12: a cheeky Nandos

Would you go to Nandos on a first date? I did and I loved it. Bear with… Here are my reasons why. It’s just like Nandos, but it’s cheeky (#bantersaurusrex … Continue reading

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They say that Africa ‘gets under your skin’. The Kalahari got under mine. Psychologically  and literally. I’m still washing sand out of my socks. Before I left for Africa I … Continue reading

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Dumela! Or hello in tswana, one of the language they speak in Botswana. Khama Rhino Sanctuary, named after their first Prime Minister and leader of the independence movement Seretse Khama, … Continue reading

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‘Welcome home brother’, are the first words the customs guy said to my Dad when we land in Johannesburg. The first few days of our African adventure began in my … Continue reading

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It’s been a short month and not been on many dates. I’ve been thinking (hello Carrie Bradshaw) that perhaps I lack focus. I’ve been busy at work and busy in … Continue reading

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There’s nothing like being home alone on a Saturday night to make you question your life decisions. Why am I not more productive? Why do I not have a ‘career’? … Continue reading

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How to smash Warsaw in 36 hours

We went to Warsaw to celebrate a mate’s thirtieth. We arrived on a Friday night and left on Sunday lunchtime. We had only 36 hours and a lot of celebrating … Continue reading

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